OTIS for Music Buyers

Music supervisors, ad agency producers and creatives, and other music buyers now have a central place to post requests for music. 

Create a single post and send to your trusted music suppliers. Control visibility of the posting, include creative direction, and add as many or as few project details as you’d like. 

Requesting tracks through the OTIS platform is a game changer. The music buyer and the music supplier now both have a living record of tracks that were pitched. For some unexplainable reason, this was not possible in the past. Either the pitching company or the requesting party controlled the process, and the other side had no idea what was pitched. 

Having this record ensures that miscommunications are kept to an absolute minimum, and OTIS’ Track Status Indicator lets music buyers know when a track is no longer available or requires additional clearances than at the original time of pitching. This is very handy when looking at past pitches or track availability for renewals years later.