Here at Otis Labs we believe you should get an account that matches your needs.

Catalog Account

The Catalog Account is for catalog owners who want to have a public catalog available and searchable 24/7. This account is packed with tools to help you get the most out of your catalog and is our most full-featured account, with different price points available for different catalog sizes.


  • Upload tracks and set advanced metadata.
  • Set up one (or many) fully searchable public catalogs so that your agency partners can search for your music any time.
  • Create new Opportunities (music searches) to share with either your trusted catalog owners or with the Otis Labs community. 
  • Create music drop boxes for your artists so that they can submit new music to you any time.
  • Create playlists of music and videos to share with your clients, with optional password protection and tracking links to see when they were last visited.
  • Make public playlists to show off your latest tracks and videos.
  • Accept music from your catalog partners and artists to share with your clients.


Musician20 tracks


Starter100 tracks


Professional500 tracks


Pro Plus5,000 tracks


Pro XLUnlimited tracks


+ $20 per 1k tracks

Free Account

The Free Account is for musicians and artists who are just starting out and looking to get their music in the hands of partners and agencies who can help get it heard.


  • Upload tracks and set advanced metadata.
  • Create Private Collections to share with partners to let them distribute your music.
  • Respond to Opportunities to find new places to distribute your tracks.

Price: Free