Frequently Asked Questions


All Otis Labs accounts have the ability to upload tracks, organize them into albums, update metadata, send them to partners, and respond to new opportunities. Catalog and Agency accounts have some additional features.

Agency Accounts

Agency accounts are meant for companies or individuals who handle music requests either on their own or for a client organization. As such, they can create new requests to their partners to give the details of new music searches, and create playlists that they can send to their clients to show them what music is available.

Catalog Accounts
Catalog accounts are meant for artists and catalog owners who wish to display their catalogs online. For this reason they get the ability to host public catalogs/collections, create playlists (either to send to their clients privately, or to show their music off publicly), sell tracks through our licensing program, and (for larger catalogs) create requests to help get new music from their partner artists/catalogs or from new artists.


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