Onboarding with a Spreadsheet

Music catalogs that migrate from an existing online catalog management system can use their existing data to get started on OTIS very quickly.

Step 1

Download your metadata spreadsheet from your existing catalog management system. 

Step 2

Download the OTIS metadata template XLSX. 

Step 3

Open both your original spreadsheet and the OTIS template. 

Step 4

Copy your existing metadata, column by column, and paste into the appropriate field in the OTIS spreadsheet. It’s simple, but we’re happy to do this for you. Email help@otis.is and we’ll take care of it.

Step 5

Upload your spreadsheet in XLSX format to OTIS. 

Step 6

Upload your WAV/AIF and MP3 files to OTIS with our bulk uploader.  You’ll receive an email when each batch is complete. 

Limit batches to approximately 15 WAV/AIF or 100 MP3’s. 

Step 7

After uploads complete, check out the Manage Audio tab. Upload any missing audio files. 

Step 8

Use our Mood and Genre Maps or Manual Metadata entry to tag helpful metadata such as genre, mood, cue type, tempo and rights holder info.

Step 9

Each time you log into your OTIS Dashboard, you’ll see “Daily Metadata” tasks that help you to complete helpful metadata tasks for your catalog in minutes a day.